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About Us  
We are an Argentinian company dedicated to the manufacture of rustic fabrics, with more than 30 years of experience and presence in stores throughout our country.

We produce rustic blankets, saddle blanket and carpets. Using our native essence and presenting it in a different esthetic, fresher and colorful.
All our products are eco friendly, made from yarn, mixture between cotton, wool and textil fibers discards. They are made in semi-automatic looms, with handcrafted finishes.

We chose the frog symbol as our logo, one of the Four Elements of aborigine culture: Earth, Water, Fire and Aire, they concur with the four cardinal points and the energy of the sun.
The Frog represents Water, purfication, fluidity, transparency and is a sign of auspiciousness.

Av. Pte. Perón 3686. Haedo
Buenos Aires. Argentina. CP: 1706
Telephone: +54 (011) 4483-0880
Monday to Friday from 9-13 hs.

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